The Sunday Post #21 – Drinking More Water

Like many people, some of my new years resolutions are to be a bit healthier and something I’m terrible at is not drinking enough water. I spend most of my days drinking endless cups of tea and diet coke, but never enough water meaning I’m probably actually quite dehydrated. I’m trying to get back into losing weight, and cut back on things like cake and chocolate, and get more into fitness and healthy eating. Problem is I am literally the worst person at being healthy, and although I know I should be drinking more water, I find the taste really boring and hard to drink.

I then started to see people talking about adding lemon to their glasses of water to make their own flavoured water, and I thought maybe I should give this a go. At first I wasn’t sure how this would make my water taste any better, I like slices of lemon in my diet coke but I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste of it in water. I was surprised when I had my first pint of water at how good it actually tasted, and I found myself filling up my water glass more than I was filling up my cups of tea. Instantly I started feeling better by drinking more water, and the added lemon makes it feel ‘cleaner’, and even puts me off eating rubbish food.

By drinking more water I’ve stopped feeling as sluggish, I feel a lot healthier, and my heads even felt a lot clearer. I’m feeling a lot better now I’m drinking more water, and I’m making a concious effort to drink more. I’m still drinking as much tea, but for every cup of tea I have I make sure I fill up my glass of water, meaning I’m having a good few glasses a day! Are you trying to drink more water? Have you thought about adding lemon to it?

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