Pizza Party

Pizza is quite possibly, my biggest weakness, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about pizza. Unfortunately for me Dominoes has caught on to this, and constantly text me with discount offers for pizzas, which really isn’t helping me trying to cut back and lose some weight. I’ve always struggled with diets, mostly because I find it hard to cut back on my favourite foods, and always end up bingeing on pizza two days later questioning ‘what is my life’, while I sob into the empty pizza box. So when I heard about Exante’s Diet Pizza Mix*, where I can still eat pizza and lose weight I wanted to know the secret.

Each box contains everything you need to make 7 thin crust pizza bases, with a herby tomato sauce, and then you can add what ever toppings you fancy. Each pizza base is high in protein, low in fat, and enriched in vitamins and minerals. Each pizza also contains a 3rd of your daily RDA, helping you lose weight. Because 7 pizza’s is quite a lot of pizza, even for me, I decided to invite round a couple of people to have a ‘pizza party’. We all brought our own toppings and used the Exante diet pizza mix to see what pizza creations we’d come up with.

 The pizza bases were fairly simple to make, just mix the ingredients in with water, stick on some grease proof paper, bake in the oven, add your toppings, and bake some more. I decided to play it safe with my pizza topping choices, and stuck to what I normally ordered from pizza takeways; bbq sauce, chicken, peppers and cheese. My friend Jen chose ham and pineapple for hers, while Chris chose sausage, babybell cheese, and doritos with bbq sauce, hmm. As you can see from the photos we’re not the most artistic pizza bakers, but they sure did look good. However when it got to eating them we weren’t too impressed. The base was quite thin, and wasn’t like the tasty thin italian base we were expecting. We all found that our bases stuck to the grease proof paper, meaning we’d often get a mouthful of paper rather than delicious pizza.

Although the Exante diet pizza mix was fairly easy to make, I don’t think I’ll be trying it again as it wasn’t quite like the pizza base I was expecting, although we all did have a good laugh creating our pizza combinations! Maybe I need to find another healthy alternative to my favourite takeaway pizzas.

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