Giving Up Sugar – Update

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I was attempting to give up sugar for 6 weeks, I’m now over halfway through my 6 week sugar detox programme from Happy Sugar Habits, and I thought I’d update on how I’m doing. I mentioned in my original post that my relationship with sugar is awful, before I started this I couldn’t go a day without a bar of chocolate, and yet I wondered why I was struggling to lose weight and live a healthy style. The worst part of it is that I’d binge eat sugary snacks, and then just feel awful after, so the things that I craved didn’t even make me feel good! By taking part in the Happy Sugar Habit detox programme I’m hoping to learn to be able to cut sugar out of my life, or at least learn to control it.

The first few days of the programme were really difficult, I was going through some horrible withdrawal symptoms, getting horrible headaches and all I would crave was sugar. But once I got past day three I started to feel better, and felt like I had more energy than I did before. By day three my cravings were starting to get in control, and I felt an odd sense of satisfaction by turning down sugary treats. The daily text messages and emails I’d received from Laura really helped, and always seemed to come at a time I felt weak.

However I’ve not always been great at sticking to the programme, and I have slipped up a few times and had a bar of chocolate or something else sweet. However after I’ve eaten this I find I now feel awful, and I really don’t enjoy it. It’s certainly making me think about not eating as much sugar as I once did. Before I started this I never realised how much sugar was often added into foods, and it’s certainly making me look twice at packaging! I’ve not got long left of the programme, and I’m starting to think about whether I’ll continue this once it’s finished. There’s certainly a lot of health benefits to consider!

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