Getting Back On Track

Lately I’ve got into a bad habit of eating too much rubbish, not doing an exercise, and basically being far too over-indulgent. Christmas is a big part to blame in it, and during the lead up I had a lot of Christmas parties I went to, where I made a lot of bad food choices. I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting after Christmas and a month off plan to find that I’d only actually put on 3.5lbs, which isn’t too bad considering, but I feel that I’ve completely undone all my hard work from before Christmas.

Now Christmas is over with, and are all the parties, I’m determined to get back on track with my Weight Watchers plan. I’ve been a WW member for over a year now, and I really love the plan. I can basically eat what I want, and there’s nothing that’s not on plan. It’s also taught me a lot about portion control, and eating things in moderation. I’ve officially been back on plan for a week now, with my weigh in tomorrow, and I’m hoping to see some of my Christmas weight come back off. I’m trying to make more healthy decisions lately, and I’m trying to change my lifestyle into a healthier one. I’m finding it pretty difficult, especially as I have the biggest sweet tooth going, but lately I’ve been pretty unhappy with how I look, and how I feel about myself. I know weight shouldn’t be everything, but since I’ve put a little bit back on I’m feeling rather rubbish about it all.

I’m not sure how much weight I want to lose, but I just want to lose enough to be more comfortable with myself, and getting back on track with my Weight Watchers plan will certainly help! I’ve been flicking through this months magazine, and it’s got some great recipe ideas which might help me get back into cooking more too! Did you find you over indulged over Christmas? Is any

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