One Mince Pie Too Many This Christmas?

Ah Christmas time, my favourite time of the year. And do you know what I love the most about Christmas? The food! Pigs in blankets, mince pies, gingerbread, you name it and I love it! Of course with all the amazing Christmas food available I always end up eating far too much, and find myself bloated and often with indigestion. Of course you could avoid some of your favourite foods to reduce your risk of indegestion, such as cheese and rich puddings like Christmas pudding, but if you can’t resist eating one mince pie too many then ActiMint could become your best friend this Christmas.

ActiMint tablets can help to overcome tummy troubles and discomfort just by chewing two fresh-tasting tablets after each meal. They work by releasing an abundance of the same friendly bacteria found in live yogurt that helps to reduce gastro-intestinal discomfort and improve overall gut health and wellbeing. Not only can they help out with indigestion, but ActiMints contain a healthy dose of natural sugar-free xylitol, a sweetener known to improve oral health and reduce plaque. I’ve never really been a massive sufferer of indigestion, but I have found myself eating a lot with all the Christmas parties lately, and these really did help that horrible bloated feeling! I also really liked how minty they were, as when I have tried other indigestion tablets before they tasted disgusting, so this makes a nice change!

ActiMint are priced at just £5.95 for a pot of 60 tablets, and with it’s handy pocket size it makes it easier to travel with this Christmas, I know I’ll be taking mine with me! You can find more about ActiMint here.

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