Giving Up Sugar Update

A while ago I blogged about how I wanted to give up sugar with the help of Healthy Sugar Habits 6 week detox programme. My detox programme ended on the 2nd March so I thought it was time to update on how I got on. I mentioned in my first post that I’m a complete and utter sugar addict. I really struggle to get through a day without something sweet, and if I don’t, the cravings are ridiculous. Because of my unhealthy sugar addiction I’ve put a lot of weight on, and find it difficult to lose, mostly because I can’t stop eating chocolate!

I’ve found the six week detox pretty difficult, especially the first few days, as my sugar cravings were ridiculous. It’s all I could think about, and I had horrible mood swings because of it. It’s crazy to think how much sugar can affect you. I spent a few weeks without eating any sugar in my diet, and I started to feel great for it. The first half of my detox I was doing really well, but the second half, well not so great. I’ve had a few slip ups along the way, and started eating foods that I know have sugar in again, like chocolate. I’ve tried a few times since to get back into my sugar detox, but since slipping up I can only manage a day without sugar. I’ve got myself completely addicted to sugar all over again.

I think I failed on giving up sugar as I had so much of it in my diet already, that when I completely gave it up I constantly craved it. I think if I was to try again I’d gradually cut down on my sugar intake, so that I didn’t rely on it quite as much.  Although I didn’t do very well on the programme, I’d definitely recommend it if you need mentoring off sugar. The daily text messages and meal plans were really helpful, and they always seemed to come at a time when I was feeling weak! Now that I’m aware how much sugar is in food you wouldn’t thought it would be in, I’m going to cut back on things and maybe in a few weeks try my 6 week detox all over again.

Have you ever done this sort of detox? How have you got on?

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