100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #1


Last week I blogged about the start of my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge and now I’m a whole 7 days into the process. I feel like I’ve had a fairly successful week, as I haven’t had many temptations to cause me to spend money. I have however spent a little, but only on a few necessities. This week my parents have flown away to Hong Kong leaving little old me here alone to fend for myself. Because I’ve been alone I decided to treat myself to a Chinese takeaway with my friends on Saturday night, and bought myself a couple of other bits of food and wine. Overall I probably spent about £20, which in comparison to what I would usually spend in a week is fairly good. And I found that when I went on a trip to Tesco I managed to resist picking up any magazines, which was a first for me.
I also started saving some money! I have a savings account attached to my current bank account, and despite having the bank account for 3 and a half years I’ve never actually used it (oops..). So this week I decided to be good and start putting away some money for my whole saving plan. As I’m not working at the moment I could only afford to save £10, but I decided if I put away a spare £10 every month or so it will quickly build up. And hopefully once I start working I’ll be able to start putting aside more.   
So all in all I think it’s been a good start to my spending ban, I’m starting to save and I managed to go to Tesco’s without buying a load of rubbish I don’t need. Hopefully I’ll have another good week this week!

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