No Spend September Update

After being the type of person who’s always poor and can’t ever save money I decided it was time to start No Spend September. Being absolutely hopeless at spending bans, and completely failing at the 100 day ban I did before I decided a 30 day ban would be a lot easier. I’m now over half way through No Spend September, so I thought it would be the best time to update on how I’m doing.

I’m actually really surprised at how well I’m doing, I’ve managed to not buy any beauty products! My favourite Kerastase Nutrive Nectar Thermique has actually ran out and it’s killing me not being able to buy another one, but it’s making me finally use up some old products I’ve got lying around in my drawers for a change. When it comes to saving money I’m not doing so well, I haven’t been paid yet this month but once I am I’m going to put some away into savings and hopefully will keep this up.

I’m feeling a bit more positive about saving money and I’m starting to realise that maybe I don’t need to buy so many beauty products for a change! Let’s hope I can keep this up for the rest of the spending ban…

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