Home Owning Three Months On

A little while a go I spoke about how I was finally flying the nest, and moving into a lovely one bedroom flat with my boyfriend and our kitty Jeff. Since then things have been hectic, going back and forth between my parents house with hundreds of boxes in my small KA and Chris’s Astra, which turns out takes twice as long as it would have to have hired a van. Oh well. We’ve finally finished buying and assembling the whole of IKEA, and the majority of things seem to have been put away, and I’ve finally started referring to it as ‘home’ rather than ‘the flat’. 

Decorating the flat has been my absolute favourite thing. In the lead up to the move I spent hours pinning things to my Pinterest boards for inspiration of how I wanted to decorate. And while I’ve made a start, we’re still a long way off finishing decorating any of the three rooms of our flat. We’ve finally finished buying furniture, and found an affordable pair of curtains (why are curtains so expensive?!?!), it’s now just to save up a little bit more money for the finishing touches. 

Having lived at my parents house in my bedroom together for the past year, it’s nice to have a lot more space for ourselves. Things at my parents house felt a bit cramped once my brother moved back in last year, so to have own own space again feels wonderful. One of my new favourite things to do is to invite people round and cook for them. While my friends would still visit at my parents house, I now love playing the role of the hostess with the mostess and showing off my new fancy kitchen, I’m sad I know. Chris’s friends from up north recently came to stay and I threw a whole dinner party type thing for them, which I’ll be writing about on the blog soon. 

Of course the best part of home owning is being able to live with Chris. We’ve been together nearly five years and it’s so nice to be able to finally live together! The past three months have been so much fun, whether we’re playing stupid computer games, attempting to make our own wine, or just doing nothing. 

Of course home owning and this whole adulting thing has been a little difficult at times, like when unexpected bills come out leaving you with £30 for the rest of the month, or the rubbish solicitor you hired still hasn’t registered your mortgage sale three months later, but hey ho. While I might not be able to spend as much money on myself as I used to, or go out for dinner quite as much as we used to, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have a pretty flat to sit in with my boyfriend and my cat, and while we’re pretty damn broke, we’re really happy. 

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