February Goals Revisited

Back at the start of the month I decided to have another go at setting myself some goals for February. Now it’s the end of the month I thought I’d look back on what I set for myself and see if I managed to achieve them. 

Don’t run out of money
This was probably the hardest of the goals I’d set myself. Money has been tight since Chris and I moved in together, and after a lot of budgeting and setting up saving plans we’ve finally started to get our joint account looking relatively healthy. Something we’re both terrible at however, is dipping into our savings pots towards the end of the month when we’ve run out of money for food, petrol etc. This month I wanted to make sure we didn’t run out of money, so did I manage to stick to it? I did! We stuck to our monthly budget, and didn’t have to borrow off of ourselves. Now to stick to this every month!


Don’t buy unnecessary things
As well as not borrowing money out of my savings I wanted to make sure I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need this month to help to stick to saving some money. So did I manage to stick to that this month? No. While I haven’t bought anything really I’ve been spending the odd bit of money at the shop next to my office on snacks and chocolate that I don’t really need, especially when I’m trying to lose weight and I have enough food with me in the office! 


Lose half a stone
After having done Slimming World for a little while now I really wanted to receive my first award this month and lose half a stone. I’m really happy that I finally managed to do that this month, and last week saw me get my half a stone award at group! It’s good to finally start getting some of the weight off that I want to lose, I’ve still got a bit to go but every lb counts. 


Cut back on Diet Coke
Diet Coke is one of my biggest addictions. While I know it’s better than having a can of full fat Coke, it’s still full of sweetener and other not so great things so I want to try and start cutting back on it. While I know I’m a long way off completely cutting it out of my diet this month I’ve done well at managing to cut back on it to only having it a few times a week. Yay go me!


Have more ‘me time’
This month I wanted to take a bit more time out for myself, and give myself a little more me time. So have I managed it? Yes. I’ve not done much but I’ve made sure that every week I give myself a bit of quiet time to do something I enjoy and relax, something I really need to keep up!

So that’s how I’ve done with my goals this month, how have you done with yours?

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