Why I’m Thankful For My Mum

With Mothers Day coming up I’ve been thinking a lot lately on why I’m thankful for my mum. My mumma is one hell of an amazing woman for many reasons. She’s always been there to help and support me, helped me out when I realised I’d made the wrong choices with my A-levels, and encouraged me to carry on with my degree when I really didn’t think I could do it anymore. She’s always been there as my best friend, even when I was 12-16 and wasn’t the nicest of people to be around. We plan great days out together, often share bottles of wine, and love nothing more than going out for coffee and to have a good natter. I’m so thankful for everything she’s done for me, from always allowing me to go for great opportunities, to supporting me in the adult world, and for helping me to follow my dreams. I couldn’t be without my mum.

I’m not just thankful for my mum for these reasons, but I’m also incredibly thankful for the fact my mum is still here. Not only is Mothers Day a special occasion to treat my mum, but it also marks 5 months since that horrible day where everything went wrong and we had to take mum into hospital. It was then we found out found out that she’d had a stroke causing a bleed on the brain, and would have to stay in hospital for a while. Then came the horrible few days of tests, after tests, after tests, to find out what was happening, and if mum would have permanent brain damage, and if she’d ever recover. 

Mum spent a while in hospital, before we had her transferred to a specialist hospital in London where she made an amazing recovery. I can’t thank the doctors and nurses at that hospital enough for the amazing care they gave her. It was here she started to become herself again, and after a month she was allowed to come back home. I’ve previously blogged more about mums stroke which you can read more about here.

When I think back to 5 months ago, it’s hard to think my mum is still the same person at all. While she’s not made a full recovery, we still have issues with her eyesight and confusion, but it’s amazing to think this woman is now getting out and about on her own, going back to her dance classes, and she’s even doing an NVQ on her own! It might not sound like a lot, but when I remember my mum in that hospital bed confused at who I was, and we thought she was never coming home, it’s crazy to think how far she’s come. There’s been the occasional down day where she gets frustrated, but she’s remained the strong, positive person she’s always been. And that’s why I’m extremely thankful for my mum.

For these reasons Mothers Day will be extra special this year, because everyday we see mum make more improvements and remember how lucky we are that she’s with us. We still get emotional about the whole thing from time to time, but my mum being the rock she is, reminds us to be positive, even though we should be the one’s being there for her!

As my mumma is one amazing woman, I want to enter her in a competition with Great Rail Journeys for a chance to win a Eurostar break. I’d love nothing more than a great girly getaway with my mum, with no doubt, more wine and gossiping!

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