Because Everyone Loves An Adorable Kitten Post

Everyone loves kittens. You may have seen on Twitter all my tweets about getting new kittens! After weeks of moaning and convincing my Dad, we were allowed to adopt these two cuties! The black and white boy is called Branston, and the tortoiseshell girl is called Pickle (inventive names right?). Both of them are rescue kittens from different litters that we adopted from Hula Animal Rescue, it’s a great charity and my parents have been donating to them for years, and we’ve ever got pets from them before! We’ve had the kittens for a week now and it’s good to see they’ve settled in well! Branston isn’t afraid of anything and is constantly running around and climbing up things, but Pickle is a little more nervous. They don’t seem bothered by my other cats either and seem to be happy in their new home. Their so adorable and have brought me hours of entertainment!

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