A Graduation Post

Dress – £35 Yours
Belt – £5 Debenhams
Shoes – £20 Deichmann
Gown & Mortarboard – Expensive!
Clinique Even Better Foundation
Collection 2000 Concealer
Soap & Glory Mascara
Illamasqua liquid eyeliner in shade Abyss
HD Brows Kit in shade Foxy
MAC blush in shade Fun & Games
MAC lipstick in shade Hue

Last week on the 18th July I graduated. A day that is celebrated by many uni kids as an end of an era and recognition for all our hard work. For me it was a very proud day as I graduated with a 2:1 in Media and Communications, but it was the end of a more personal journey. I’ve always struggled with education. When I was 15 and about to take my GCSE’s I was told I’d be lucky if I came out with C’s. Then when I was 16/17 I took my AS levels and failed all of them but one, and left my sixth form to pursue my love of media and took my Media, Film, Photography and English A levels – all of which I passed this time. I still struggled with A levels, and had a horrible time with my media teacher (who told me media wasn’t for me and I should just give up), but managed to get into my second choice university.  Uni was still a struggle, I hated it most of the time and wanted to give up at the end of my first year. I worked so hard but would only get 2:2’s so when I found out I’d be graduating with a 2:1 I was overwhelmed. I really never thought that I would manage something like this, and so graduation was something very special to me, as it was a day I never thought I would see, and I’m really happy to see an end to my 18 years of education. It was an amazing day that I celebrated with the rest of my course, my parents, my brother and other mother Angie.

I’m also proud to say that it was also a day I didn’t wear black tights that I always wear, and I wore heels, something I never wear. Not only that but I didn’t trip when I collected my degree! For my graduation dress I wanted to keep it simple as it would probably be hidden under my gown, and wore a black lace skater dress from Yours, teamed up with some black wedges from Deichmann, which were pretty solid as I’m not used to wearing heels. I didn’t wear much jewelry and stuck with my usual Pandora charm bracelet  complete with my mortar board charm that my parents gave to me as a graduation present. My makeup was left simple and just wore some liquid eyeliner and my favourite MAC lipstick Hue. Sadly my hair and makeup didn’t last all day as I graduated in 30 degree heat, and my hair decided to drop.

I had an amazing day and then spent the weekend pretending to still live in Leicester in my uni housemates new house, celebrating with some uni friends. Then I watched my boyfriend get his 2:1 degree on the Saturday and celebrated both of our successes with his family. It was a great long weekend of celebrations, and it was really great to see my parents proud of me, and to hear from my Grandad, who’s never understood what I’m doing, say he’s proud of me. Definitely made the £20,000 worth of debt worth it. Now to just try and find a job…

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