How I Spend My Cosy Winter Evenings In*

Since I’ve moved into my own place I really enjoy spending my evenings in at home, rather than going out. It’s nice to finally have my own space, where I can sit and chill out, rather than being cramped up in my old bedroom at my parents house. Since winter began I’ve found I’ve also spent a lot more time inside, and enjoying making my flat seem warmer and cosier to spend time in. As I’ve been spending a lot of time at home in the evenings this winter I thought I’d share how I enjoy spending them. 

Blankets and cushions
On my sofa I’ve draped a bit thick blanket across the back, which not only makes the sofa look nicer, but is also in handy reach for when you need to cuddle underneath something. I’ve also decorated my sofa with a range of scatter cushions, which are great for making the room feel a little more cosy.

Hot chocolate
There is nothing better than enjoying a lovely cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter evening, especially if you’ve just come in from the cold. I tend to spend my evenings underneath a blanket with a big ol’ mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows to help warm up, delicious!

I love candles, and I think I drive my other half a little mad with how many candles we currently have. Rather than having the main lights on in the evening, I prefer to draw the curtains and put on a few candles to make it feel a little warmer and relaxing.

No night in is complete without a film or two, and this is where I’m glad my Netflix subscription comes in. I’ve been watching a lot of good TV shows lately, and I’m completely addicted to binge watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Making a Murderer at the moment, they both make great evening entertainment.

Online Games
A lot of the time during my nights in is spent with my laptop on. I like to half play online games while I watch TV, and often I chose to play online bingo in the background. Either that or I’m just browsing online, or sometimes doing a little online shopping. 

Books and magazines 
I love curling up on my sofa with my blankets with a good book or flicking through a magazine. There’s something lovely and relaxing about it, and I’ve found a lot of my magazines have also included tips on how to make your home more cosy this winter! 

How do you spend your evenings in this winter?

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