2014 Resolutions… Did I Stick To Them?

It’s always interesting to look back on my new years resolutions at the end of the year and see if I managed to stick to them. Last year I wrote this post about my new years resolutions, and what I wanted to achieve in 2014, lets see if I stuck to them!

Get a real job
Did I do it? Yes! I actually set this as my 2013 resolution as well, but really struggled to find myself a job after university. But then in February I got my first real job as a digital marketing assistant! It turned out the job wasn’t really what I wanted, nor was I actually doing any digital marketing, so in October I found myself another new job as a digital marketing executive. So this year I’ve actually got myself two real jobs, so bonus points?
Continue on my weight loss journey
Did I do it? Nope. I’m actually the same weight as I was at the end of last year, which I suppose is good as I haven’t gained anymore weight, but I haven’t lost anymore either! I need to get back into my routine for 2015 and lose some more of this weight.

Look on the brightside more
Did I do it? Yes! I’m actually surprised with myself on this one, I’m not a super negative person but I do often worry about things and let them get to me. However this year I’ve found I’ve been really positive about things, especially in really horrible times. When my mum was in hospital and we didn’t know what was happening, I kept finding myself looking on the positive side and saying things were going to be okay, which is definitely an improvement on last year.
Read more
Did I do it? Sort of.. This year I’ve read 9 books according to Good Reads, which is good but I really wanted to get back into reading more! For Christmas I got some good books so hopefully that will get me back into reading!
Move out/in with the boyfriend
Did I do it? No. Chris and I really wanted to get our own place together this year, but this failed. Although Chris moved in with me and my parents in June so we are technically living together now, but we really want our own place, especially since my brother’s moved back in the house is feeling a bit cramped! We’re both awful at saving money but we’ve come up with a plan for 2015, so hopefully next year will see us moving out!
So I didn’t do that well with my new years resolutions it seems! Hopefully 2015 will be a better year for me, or a year that I actually remember to stick to things… How did you do with your new years resolutions?

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