This week has been a funny old week, and I don’t really think I have many interesting things to say but I don’t want to give up my new little series so quickly. I’ve spent most of this week suffering with the worst cold ever. It started as a sore throat, and come wednesday my face had swollen and I was off work in dying in my sick bed. A few days and hundreds of cups of lemsip later I’m now feeling much better, and just have a super annoying cough to deal with. 

This week we lost a couple of childhood heroes, David Bowie and Alan Rickman within a few days of each other. My heart broke over Alan Rickman, I’m such a fan of Harry Potter and since his death I’ve been spending hours rewatching the films and sobbing about what an amazing character Snape was. 

It was also the week I nearly lost my grandad. On Monday my grandad had a heart attack, luckily when he was in hospital for a chest x-ray. Since then he’s been in hospital for surgery to put a stendt in, and is doing really well. My nan has also been put in respite care as she’s disabled and he was her carer, but she seems very happy with the situation at the moment. My grandad lives about 2 hours away, so it’s not been easy to go and help out, and my poor parents were still on holiday at the time when it happened. So yesterday I travelled down with my parents to go visit my grandparents to see how they were. It was a long day and fairly emotional, made worse by the fact it was actually my dad’s birthday and we were meant to be doing much happier things, so instead we’re having a delayed birthday meal for my dad today.

This week I don’t have many plans, and I plan on spending the rest of the day watching Making a Murderer and avoiding the snow. How’s your week been?

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