KIKO Contouring Pencil Set

Having been a makeup addict for years now, you’d think I’d be quite good at it by now right? Well to be honest there are so many parts of makeup application I’m rubbish at, contouring being one of them. For years I’ve been trying to master it, just giving myself dark dirty looking marks on my cheeks rather than the nice cheekbones I was aiming for.  It’s only recently after lots of practise, and 100’s of hours of YouTube tutorial watching, and the right products, that I think I’ve finally managed to suss how to contour correctly.

Recently I’ve been using the KIKO Contouring Pencil Set when contouring, and I think it’s having a product that’s easy to use that’s really helped me. The Contouring Pencil Set is made up of a sculpting bronzer and an illuminating pencil, which I love the design of as it makes them so easy to use, and they’re rather pretty look at too. They are so easy to apply, you just draw on the areas you want to apply bronzer or highlighter to and blend in. I find it so much simpler than using a bronzer and a brush!

As I’m quite pale you can see that the bronzer colour appears a little scarily dark for me to start with, however once it’s blended in it suits me perfectly. I also think the illuminating colour suits me perfectly, and once applied it gives me a perfect glowy look. 

I find using these so much easier to contour my face, without leaving me with those horrible dark dirty marks that I was struggling with before. What do you think of contouring? Are you able to do it, or like me have you found it bit of a struggle?

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