The Balm Hot Mama Blusher

One thing you won’t find much about on this blog is about blushers. I’ve never been blushers biggest fan, and it’s only about 3 years ago I even started wearing them. My worry is because I’m really pale, most colours look really obvious on me, and I prefer blusher that’s a little more subtle that gives a more natural glow over bold pink shades. For years I’ve been using Benefit’s Hervana Blusher, but after lasting forever it finally ran out so it came time to bite the bullet and finally find a new blusher.

The new blusher in question is also from a brand that’s also new to me, The Balm. For years I’ve heard people rave about The Balms products, and I’ve always admired their quirky packaging and funny product names, but I’ve never tried anything for myself. I think what’s put me off is that the products are a little on the pricier side, but it’s fairly similar prices to Benefit’s products, and rather than spending another £23.50 on another Benefit box blusher, it would be nice to try something new. Not really knowing what I wanted, or anything about The Balms products I had a look around my nearest stand and had bit of a swatch of the blushers to make up my mind up about them. One blusher that stuck out to me the most was Hot Mama.

Looking at it Hot Mama doesn’t look like the type of blusher I would go for. It’s quite a strong colour, and has a bit of a shimmer to it, which usually I hate. Despite that I decided to have a little swatch anyway, and found that on my skin tone it was actually quite light and the shimmer seemed to really complement my complexion, I was sold. Since buying this I’ve been wearing it almost on a daily basis, reaching for it a lot more than my previous favourite blushers. As I can have quite oily skin at times I find that sometimes my make up doesn’t always stay where I want it to, no matter if I apply a primer or not. But with this blusher it seems to stay on my face all day, which is of course a good quality for your make up to have.

I’m pretty in love with my new blusher choice, and I’m glad I’ve finally got around to trying out The Balms products. I think next I’ll be looking to try out their Frat Boy blusher, or one of their nude palettes, as I do love a good nude! Have you tried any other The Balm products before, what would you recommend?

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