The Sunday Post #3 – Becoming a Lush Addict

Hi my names Lisa, and I’m a Lush addict. I’ve always been a fan of pretty smelling bath things and soaps, but it wasn’t until around a year a go my Lush addiction kicked in full swing. I’ve always been a fan of going into Lush and having a look around and sniffing the odd bath bomb here and there, but I always used to be able to control myself and leave the shop empty handed or at the most, with one or two items. Now I find myself leaving the shop with carrier bags of the stuff. My bathroom went from having one or two bath bombs and soaps to save for my baths, but now I find myself having storage boxes full of the stuff. What happened?

It all started around May last year. I’d always been a fan of Lush but I’d managed to control myself and only buy one or two things at a time before using them up and repurchasing. Then around May I finished my second year of uni and moved back home for the summer. And moving back home meant having my bath back in my life. And well you can’t have a bath without nice things for bath time, so I’d constantly find myself at Lush near every pay day stocking up on more bath products. So it all started with a bath bomb and bubble bar obsession.

I’d always been aware that Lush did more than bath bombs but I’d never really given it a second chance. I then started to look at their skin care range and after talking to a nice sales assistant  I came out with cleansers, toners and face masks. What I love about the Lush face masks is there are several of them for different skin types. I’m slowly making my way around trying them all out but my current favourite is Oatifix. And after some playing around I’ve found some great skin care products such as Ultrabland, and Grease Lightening.

Over time my bathroom has slowly filled up with soaps, shower gels, bath bombs and the like. And I’m hoping that one day I can get help and cure my addiction, but right now all this talk of Lush products has made me want to go for a bath….

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