September Goals Revisited

Back in the beginning of September I blogged about my goals for the month, with a few little things I wanted to achieve. Now that it’s the beginning of October I thought I’d revisit the goals I set myself to see how I did. 
Go to the gym three times a week
I managed to half achieve this one, sometimes I’d make it three times a week, other times I’d only make it twice. I’m still a regular gym goer so I guess that counts!
Finish my 5K mud run
I’m so pleased with myself that I managed to do this one! A few months ago I couldn’t even run, so the fact I managed to even do this was a big achievement. I did however struggle a bit with some of the obstacles during the run, and did lose my shoes about 4K in, but I finished!
Eat healthier
I’ve recently been trying to lose a little weight, and in September I signed up to Slimming World, so I’ve definitely been starting to eat a lot healthier. 
Read two books 
I only managed to read one book during September, but that’s one more than I’ve managed the month before!
Cook four times a week 
I’ve gone from not cooking at all, to cooking pretty much every day in September, which is helping a lot with the healthy eating!
Start saving for a holiday 
Chris and I have never been on holiday together so thought we’d start saving up for a holiday. We managed to save £100 in September, but then due to an unexpected bill we had to use that money so we’re now back to zero. 
Overall I’d say I managed to achieve half my goals in September, which isn’t bad going! I feel like I managed to achieve some big things, like completing my run, and cooking and eating a lot healthier, although I didn’t complete all of my goals. 
 Did you set any goals in September? How did you do?

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