My First Car Memories*

It’s been over 7 years now since I’ve had my driving license, and during that time I’ve had two cars. Both of which have been wonderfully awful, rubbish cars, but despite all their flaws I’ve loved them all the same. 

I first started learning to drive on my 17th birthday, mostly because I couldn’t wait to start being able to drive places, but also because I already had a car that had been sitting on my driveway for 3 months. My first car was a black Hyundai Getz, which was passed down to my from my granddad. I was so grateful to have my own car, but little did I know my granddad had literally given me the worst car in the history of all cars. Not only had he let his stinky dog get his hair everywhere, but he’d somehow managed to have the clutch replaced twice. Some of my other favourite features included how it didn’t work in first gear, and the indicators and windscreen wipers were in opposite places from normal cars. 

Despite my car not being the best car, we still had some great memories and road trips together, and it stayed my little car for five years before it became my brothers, poor car. Everyone still jokes about my old Hyundai, and how rubbish and beaten up it was. There was one time in particular everyone laughs about, the time at university where I went to go pick up my boyfriend and his friends from a broken down car about an hour away. I set off to go collect them one freezing cold December evening to help them out rather than waiting hours for the RAC to come collect them, managed to get there fine, and as we all set off back to our uni town the clutch on my car went, literally 2 minutes down the road from their friends broken down car. 

After my brother took over ownership of my car I bought myself a second hand Ford KA. I was so happy to have a more slightly powerful car to myself, before I realised I’d bought the world’s oldest rustiest car. In the two years I’ve owned it I’d had it completely welded again twice due to rust, the head gasket replaced after it decided to blow up on the M1 at 2am, and most recently it’s started making funny rattly noises when I turn it off. I’ve spent so much money on my car in the past two years I’ve had it, it’s probably cost me twice as much as I originally bought it for. 

Last year I spent a large amount of money on it after a very near bad accident scared the hell out of me. It was one wet afternoon and I was driving along a road with loads of twists and turns when my car lost control on a corner, sending my car spinning. Luckily I was able to control it, but it completely destroyed my breaks and my tyres, which of course needed replacing. Knowing absolutely nothing about cars I had no idea what kind of tyres I needed, but I found the Point S website where you can put in your car reg and it tells you which tyre sizes you need. I was also able to book an appointment to fit them online at my local depot, which made fixing my car a whole lot easier! 

Recently I’ve started saving up for a new car, and after two bad car experiences, hopefully it’ll be third time lucky for me!

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