I’m sure it was just the other day I was writing my last weekly update, this week sure has flown by, which is typical because I’ve had the past week off work. 

On Monday it was my mummas birthday, and not just any birthday, but her 50th birthday. In true style of my mum, she’s decided to approach her 50’s by dyeing her hair bright pink, and making sure her celebrations last about 2 weeks. But on her birthday it was also a big milestone day, as it was also 18 months since her stroke began, so of course we were all pretty excited that she was turning 50 as well. As I had the day off work I went out for breakfast with her at Giraffe, before we went to the cinema to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which was hilarious. Then later that evening we all went out for dinner as a family to celebrate, and mum had a lovely time. 

Then came the rest of the week, and the main reason for my week off work. On Tuesday Chris and I went the 300 mile trip up north to visit his family. We hadn’t been up north since August, so our visit was way overdue! The drive was pretty long, and it had been a long time since we’ve done it all in one day, but it was worth it for a few days away and to visit everyone. The last time we were up it was his sister’s wedding, and now she’s nearly 6 months pregnant so that was exciting to see her. And next time we go up we’ll have a new niece or nephew to meet! 

We didn’t get up to much while we were up north, as we were only there for a few days, but we did have a few adventures. As we now live in Central Bedfordshire, miles away from any sort of seaside, we decided to go to the beach one day, get ice cream and play on all the 2p arcade games, even if it was freezing and pouring with rain. We also squeezed in a little drip around Durham, which is such a gorgeous city, before coming back home yesterday. 

Today is just a rest day really to catch up on a few things before we go back to work tomorrow. I was even feeling a little adventurous (or mad) this morning and decided to start doing the couch to 5K challenge, and bloody hell was it hard. I can’t really run, but I’ve been learning to for a little while, and even managed a mud run back in September, but since then I’ve kind of stopped doing it. Hopefully this will give me a kick to do it properly, and hopefully I’ll start running for longer than a minute before I feel like I’m going to die. Any tips for a newbie runner?

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