The Sunday Post #14 – My New Hobby

The majority of my spare time has always been spent on this blog, or playing The Sims, actually mostly playing The Sims. It’s been years since I tried to, or even thought about taking up a new hobby, when one day one of my best friends started knitting. I then saw her creating loads of cool knitted gifts for us, and all of her projects looked really great. I then thought it would be a really fun new hobby to try out, and hopefully I’d be good enough to make myself a nice scarf or something.

Originally I thought it would be something fun to do while I watched TV, I never thought it would be something I’d be good at doing. I started off with a knit your own scarf kit, and I spent hours trying to learn stocking stitch and eventually made a lumpy holey scarf. Fast forward a few rubbishly knitted items later and I’m getting pretty good if I do say so myself. I’ve made a few kindle cases, scarfs, and even some baby clothes for my friends daughter, and now I’m planning on knitting everyone Christmas gifts.

I’ve turned into a right old little lady, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than an evening in with a cuppa, and my knitting. It’s a great new hobby, and I get to make some pretty cool stuff out of it. I’ve got loads of new projects I want to start knitting, including learning to make socks! Do you have any fun hobbies?

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