Desk Makeover Challenge

While we were looking to buy our flat we originally decided to buy two bedrooms, so then the second bedroom can be an office for Chris. While I can work away on my laptop sat on the sofa, Chris needs a dedicated working space, mostly because he can spend hours coding away on his pc, and because he’s hoping to become self employed in the next few years. Sadly we didn’t find a two bedroom flat in our budget that we liked, and although our flat is only a one bed, it’s larger than your average flat. So without the extra room, Chris’s desk is sat in the corner of our lounge. While it doesn’t really affect us, it does mean that we couldn’t decorate Chris’s office in the way we’d originally thought of. 

As we’ve only been in the flat just over a month, there’s still a lot of work to do before it’s decorated how we want. We’ve only managed to paint the lounge and our bedroom, and the walls are still looking pretty bare, but it’s starting to feel a bit more homey. The majority of my weekends are now spent browsing home shops, looking for cheap ways to make my flat look pretty. Money is a little tighter now that we have the flat, so we’re being a lot more careful with our spending than we used to be when we lived at home (oh how I miss those carefree days), so I don’t want to spend a fortune on making my house look like a home. 

When Room4 Interiors got in touch to see if I’d like to take part in their latest campaign, the Blogger Desk Challenge, I thought this would be a great chance to make Chris’s desk look a little more pretty. Basically each blogger taking part in the campaign is given £20 to makeover their desks, and can do so in anyway they want as long as it’s in the budget. I had so many ideas for how I wanted to do up the desk, making it look all pretty and colourful. But as sadly it’s Chris’s desk, not mine, I had to make it look suitable for a boy stupid boys.

The first thing I picked up was this elements retro calendar clock from Dunelm for £6.99, which fitted in perfect with the modern sort of look of our flat. To change the date on the clock you have to press down the buttons on the top which is pretty fun. Chris then decided he had to have this wooden hashtag sign which cost £8. At first it annoyed me, but now it’s started to grow on me, especially as it’s black, which contrasts quite nicely with the white desk. This brought my total up to £14.99, and for ages I couldn’t think what to spend the rest of the budget on, then I had an idea to do something a little crafty. 

While it was still Chris’s desk, I could still put my own spin on it. I’m a rather crafty person, and Chris is really into his games, so I found this Pokemon cross stitch pattern on Etsy for £3, and decided to buy it to make for Chris’s desk. I then spent the last £2 on some cross stitch fabric and thread, and got to work on my cross stitch. This is probably the thing I spent the most time on for the challenge, and it was really worth it. Not only is it a nice little touch for Chris and his love of games, but I got to do a nice little craft project to make his desk look pretty, and it says Home Sweet Home, perfect for our new home. Sadly I ran out of budget at this point, so couldn’t actually buy a frame for this, but that’s next on my plan!

While it might not be the most exciting of desk makeovers, I’m really happy with the outcome for Chris’s desk. While it’s not as pretty and girly as I’d like it to be, it’s a lot more appealing to Chris, and has made it looking a lot more appealing sat in the corner of our lounge. If you’re looking to give your desk a bit of a makeover, Room4 have some really nice desks, and Qwerkity have some great creative gifts that might work great on your desk. 

What do you think to Chris’s new desk? How would you have made over the desk if it was yours? 

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