Vets Kitchen Challenge

As a reader of this blog, you should know by now I like cats right? Last year I adopted Jeff, and since then he featured on my blog quite a lot, and then earlier this year we met Victor, and another kitty was in our lives. My cats mean a lot to me, and it’s often joked that I treat them like my children. And because they mean so much to me, I like to make sure I take good care of them, and ensure that their both very happy in their forever home.

Recently I was contacted my Vet’s Kitchen and was asked if I’d like to take part in a 30 day trial of their food to see if it improved my cats health. Their range of all-natural pet food includes hypoallergenic, sensitive, and age related food for cats. The ideal of the 30 day trial is to feed my cats Vet’s Kitchen food for 30 days instead of their usual food, and see how my cats react to it, and if I’ve noticed any improvements to their health from it.

Both Jeff and Victor are rescue kitties, and both have had a lot of medical problems. As they are both pure white cats, they tend to be more sensitive than other cats and because of this aren’t meant to go in the sun that often (not that they listen to me…). Jeff also has blue eyes, and because of this is completely deaf, and seems to always get eye infections and sore patches on his back. Victor was a very poorly kitten due to how he was mistreated before we adopted him, and has had problems with gingivitis and stress, and is also quite overweight for what he should be for his size. Both cats have also recently had ‘cat acne’ on their chins, which sounds like the most adorable medical condition, but has caused them to have very sore sensitive skin.

While they’ve had these problems I’ve never once thought that maybe we should look into what we feed them a little more, so it’ll be interesting to see if this will make a difference. For our Vet’s Kitchen challenge we’ve been sent two different types of cat food; a grain free high meat content dry food in a chicken flavour, and a fresh dry cat food in a salmon flavour. Both are suitable for sensitive digestion and contain extra vitamins that our kitties need.

We started the challenge on the 1st of July, and already the kitties are super interested in the food, especially Victor who insisted on chewing the packet straight away. I’ll be finishing the challenge on the 31st July when I’ll update on how we’ve got on, but in the mean time I’ll be sharing lots of updates on my social media accounts using the hashtag #VetsKitchenChallenge. Hopefully this challenge w

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