Quitting Sugar Update #2

It’s been a little while since I last wrote about how I was quitting sugar, hasn’t it? Since my last update, I’ve completed another two weeks of the program and have now moved onto my fourth week of the challenge. Who would have thought I’d stuck with it for this long hey?!

At the start of my second week I was still having some of the horrible sugar withdrawals that I mentioned in my last post, but by the third day of the second week they had completely disappeared and I was feeling AMAZING. Not only was I sleeping, but I had more energy, I’ve felt really happy and I’ve not been as hungry which is fantastic as I’ve been trying to lose weight for ages. Not only that but I also lost 4lbs in my first week, and my skin was looking the best it has done in years!

Food wise the second week was still quite a challenge. I was getting used to not having as much sweet tasting food and having savory breakfasts, but come the second week I also had to cut out all fruit and sweetners, so goodbye my beloved Diet Coke. Not being able to have any fruit was definitely more of a challenge than not having any chocolate that’s for sure, and I was really missing my lunch time Diet Coke. But I stuck to it, and even had a meal out with no desserts again, go me. I did however have a tiny slip up this week, as a friend and I arranged to go for Hello Kitty afternoon tea months before I decided to do this challenge, and realistically there was no way to avoid sugar for this. So hey ho, sugar I ate, and boy did it make me feel awful. Everything was far too sweet, and I had horrible hungover type symptoms the next day. So back on the challenge I went straight away!

I’ve just finished my third week, having lost another 1.5lbs at the end of my second week which definitely encouraged me to carry on! The third week took a little bit of getting back into after my sugar relapse, and I did give in and drink diet soft drinks and have the odd bit of fruit, but surely it’s got to be better than eating a massive chocolate bar right? There was also a work meal out where I had a cake, and I accidentally ate another slice of cake when visiting my mum at the weekend, oops. I am finding that after I’ve eaten the sugary food I missed, I didn’t actually enjoy it, and a lot of it has made me feel quite ill.

While I’ve had a few slip ups, I’m determined to make it through the rest of the program, especially as I’m nearly half way! Overall I feel so much better than I did weeks ago, and I’ve had quite a few comments on how much nicer my skin is looking, and how well generally I look, so yay. Fingers crossed!

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