Finally Flying The Nest

Remember many many many months ago I wrote about buying our first home? Well nothing happened for quite a while. Initially everything happened really quickly, our solicitor did the survey checks, we had our mortgage offer approved, were told we’d be moving in April, and then nothing. For a good two months we didn’t hear anything else about our flat, and we were starting to question if we’d some how been conned. Then after a lot of angry phone calls we found out that the solicitors hadn’t done their job very well, and discovered our seller had some other charges on the flat that needed their own surveys. AH! So then we pushed them to rush it all by threatening to pull out, and finally last week we were able to exchange contracts, exactly 5 months after we bought our ‘quick sale’ flat. 

Finally after a year of living in my parents house with no room, we finally have somewhere to live. Somewhere that’s ours, somewhere where we can do what we like with it, and somewhere where we can finally start our future together. 

Chris and I have been together over 4 and a half years, and during this time we’ve had a long distance relationship until he moved into my parents house last summer. So it’s going to be amazing to be able to come home to him everyday, knowing that we have somewhere that’s ours. 

We pick our keys up in a weeks time, and have a crazy amount of packing to do before then, I don’t know how we’re going to do it all! I feel kind of sad leaving my parents house, even though I’ve left before to go to university. Somehow this time feels different, like there’s no coming back, even though I’m only moving 5.3 miles down the road. For ages I felt like I didn’t want to leave my parents, especially after my mum being so ill last year. But now she’s back on the mend, I feel okay about leaving her. And as I’ll only be 10 minutes away I’m sure I’ll be back all the time anyway!!

So this is where I’ll be living, in my pretty new flat with Chris, and Jeff our cat. Now just to get on with the packing..

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