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Now that I’m 24, and nearly a homeowner I’ve started thinking a little bit more about my money. I used to when I got paid just buy everything I could, and spend my money as quickly as I could. Why? Who knows. I mean the money wasn’t going anywhere so why did I feel the need to spend it immediately? 

But now I’ve got things I’ll need to pay every month, my mortgage, my bills, petrol for my car. It’s now time to start thinking about how I can make my money stretch a little further, and to think about looking after future Lisa. 

Up until now things haven’t been looking so great for future Lisa. She didn’t have a rainy day fund, or any kind of savings, or a pension for super future Lisa. So back to current day Lisa, I’ve started thinking about investing money. To me investing money seems like something only financial minded people in suits understand how to do, not your average 24 year old. It’s something that really goes over my head, but luckily I found Nutmeg, which breaks down what to do with your savings in a really helpful simple way. 

The site itself is pretty easy to navigate, and you don’t have to be a financial expert to understand it. It just shows you how to make your money go further, to help you to look after your future self. Before discovering Nutmeg I hadn’t really considered a pension, despite having been working for a few years now. But this has helped to explain why I should have one, and help to manage it. 

It’s nice to know I’m now looking out for future Lisa, and Nutmeg has made this a lot easier!

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