What A Difference A Few Days Make

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You may have noticed a slight lack in presence on my blog in the past month, and to be completely honest, I’ve just not felt like blogging. My blog was always something I set up as something to do in my spare time as a hobby, and I always said to myself if I wasn’t enjoying it anymore I would stop. And lately I felt like I needed a little break away from my blog. It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t enjoying writing my blog anymore, but more that things in my person life were taking over and I wasn’t in a very happy place.

University – I’ve mentioned university before on my blog, but recently it’s been taking over my life. I’m currently in my third and final year of uni, with less than 2 months to go until I finish my degree. And it’s becoming very overwhelming. I’d like to say I’m half way through my dreaded dissertation, but sadly I’m not, I’ve hardly even started it. I had some difficulties with my question, and my tutor changed at the start of the year and I’ve only just found I’m doing the right thing. I’ve also got a ton of other uni work that just never seems to end and all piles up at once. I’m finally working my way through it, and I’ve set myself up a plan of how I’m going to get it all done and I’m now feeling a little calmer about the whole thing. If I still feel like this in the couple of weeks run up till the end, we’ll see.

The Future – To add with the stresses of the end of university, comes the stress of thinking what I’m going to do about my future. Since my second year of uni I’ve thought I’ve wanted to work in PR, but I had no way of being sure. I was lucky enough to be offered two weeks work experience at a local PR company, which really helped me in making my decision, PR is definitely for me.

Hair – I’d had red hair for nearly 2 years and suddenly one day I decided to get rid of it. I went about bought some Colour B4, stripped my hair and dyed it brown. I instantly hated it. My red hair had been my identity for 2 years and now I had dark brown hair. Now that it’s lightened up a bit I’m starting to like it. It still has bit of a red tint to it, so it’s not a complete change, but I’m starting to want it to go back to my natural brown colour.
Depression – I’ve mentioned in the past on my blog that I have depression, and recently I’ve been feeling pretty down. It’s probably due to my uni stress, and thinking about my future, but I’ve not been feeling like doing anything. As I mentioned I’ve just found myself living under piles of uni work, so doing other things I enjoy makes me feel guilty. Even now writing this blog post and not doing my uni work is making me feel guilty. I’m hoping when the stress of uni is gone that this will also go back to normal.

So that’s why I’ve been a little quiet around here lately, but now I feel things are a little more in control I’ll hopefully be getting a few more blog posts out this month.


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