Update – Diet Pills, Do They Actually Work?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about diet pills questioning whether they worked or not, which you can read here. The diet pills in question were the Turboslim Chronoactiv pills, with the idea being you take one pill in the morning, and one at night for two weeks. If you read my original post you’ll know I was pretty sceptical about diet pills in the first place, but wanted to try them out to see how I’d get on, and if they actually worked.

So I stuck religiously to my diet pills rules, and maintained a balanced diet and exercise  So how much weight did I lose after the two weeks? None. Zero. Zilch. Not even a pound. Considering these pills claim to have a proven efficacy, and effects felt in the first 15 days of use, I thought there would have been a least a small loss? I know that these state that the effects would be visible after 15 days and I only took them for 14, but why sell them in packs of 14 if they don’t do anything in the first place? I can’t say I’m surprised that these didn’t work, but for once I really wanted my suspicions to be false and to have this prove me wrong.  So I guess it’s back to trying to lose weight the good old fashioned way…

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