25 Before 25 Update

Quite a while ago I set myself a 25 before 25 challenge, which completely managed to slip my mind until recently. In three months time I will be 25, so I thought now would be a great time to revisit what I set for myself, and see how far I’ve got on.


1- Move Out
I wanted to move out of my parents house before I turned 25, and last year I finally flew the nest and moved in with my boyfriend
2- Buy a House
As well as moving out I wanted to buy a property, rather than rent. And although technically I haven’t bought a house, I’ve bought a flat which I think still earns me points on this one!
3- Buy a New Car
Just to add to the expensive list of things I wanted to do in 2 years, I also wanted to buy a new car, which is something else I managed to do last year. It finally got to a point where my knackered old KA sounded like it couldn’t go on anymore, so I part exchanged it for a brand new shiny red car which I love!
4-Read 30 Books
I love to read, but this really isn’t something I do enough, so I wanted to read 30 books before I turned 25. So far I’ve read 23, so that’s pretty good

5- Visit New York Again
Ah New York, my favourite place. I’ve wanted to go back for the longest time, but I just can’t get the money together to go visit. I highly doubt this is something I’ll manage to do in the next 3 months either sadly

6- Visit Disneyland Paris Again

Likewise another favourite holiday destination, but sadly saving up to move out took priority over going on holiday!

7- Become a Chartered Marketer
For a few years now I’ve wanted to become a chartered marketer, but again money has set me back on doing this one. Hopefully in the next few years I can work on doing the course I want to do
8 -Save Up Some Money
I’ve kind of half done this one I suppose. I did save up some money, but then I bought a flat, so now I’m poor again. I think I deserve half a point for this one!

9 -Start Planning Towards a Masters Degree
2 years ago I really wanted to do my masters degree, but since then I’m not so sure if it’s something I want to do anymore, or something I’d really need for my career. I’ve kind of given up on this one, and I don’t think it’s something I’ll be doing anymore

10 -Lose 5 Stone
Oh how I’ve failed on this one. I have successfully stayed the same weight since I set this goal, which is good I suppose, but I have not lost the 5 stone I really want to shift. I am working towards this again, albeit really slowly

11 – Visit More Museums 
I love visiting museums, but it’s not something I do a whole lot of. Recently I’ve had a couple of trips into London where I’ve ended up at the science or history museum, so I guess that counts a little! I’d really like to visit some more interesting and unique museums that I’ve seen around London though in the future

12- Grow My Hair
I go through phases of growing and cutting my hair, but it always seems to get to my shoulders before I cut it off again. Why break a habit of a lifetime now?

13 – Stop Drinking So Much Diet Coke 
Diet Coke is my biggest addiction, and something I keep planning on giving up but never do! I have three months to hopefully break my habit on this one

14 – Take Up A New Hobby
I’ve wanted to take up a new hobby for a while, but still haven’t taken up anything new

15 – Go For Afternoon Tea
I’ve done this three times now in fact! For my 24th birthday I went for afternoon tea with two of my best friends, and then for another friends birthday I took her for afternoon tea, and then when I went to Manchester me and my mum had the most amazing tea at Sugar Junction

16 – Visit a Spa
I’ve never been to a spa, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. Still not something I’ve managed yet, so hopefully I’ll get to visit before I’m 25

17 – Donate To Charity Regularly
Before I turned 25 I wanted to become more of a charitable person and donate to charity quite regularly, which I can say I’ve successfully done. Since my mums stroke in 2014 I regularly donate to the hospital that helped her at the National Brain Appeal, and last year I took part in a 5K mud run to help raise money for Dementia. I’m hoping to keep up raising money for charity in the future as it can be quite fun doing so!

18 – Cut Back on How Much Stuff I Have

I’m a hoarder. I have no idea why but I just seem to hang onto things that I really don’t need. Since I set this challenge I’ve managed to get rid of my clutter several times, but I always seem to gain it back, so I’m not very good at sticking to this

19 – Visit Amsterdam
I’ve wanted to visit Amsterdam for years, and it’s even made an appearance on my travel bucketlist for this year too. I’m currently saving up all my pennies in the hope to go for my 25th birthday this year, so I might just make this one in time!

20 – Stay In A Fancy Hotel For Mine & Chris’s Five Year Anniversary
In December Chris and I celebrated 5 years together. I originally planned for us to do it in a fun way, and maybe have a night away somewhere, however we were poor. Oh well there’s always next year

21 – Get It All Out
I have a lot of anger about certain things that have happened to me and originally I wanted to start to get some help for that. As well as that I also have a lot of sadness for other things that have happened since I set these goals, and I’m starting to get some help for it all

22 –Spend More Time With My Grandparents
My grandparents mean a lot to me, even though they are quite frankly, mental. I’m glad I’ve kept up with this goal, especially as 3 weeks ago my grandad had a heart attack. He’s on the mend thankfully, but I’m so happy I’ve made more time for him before that

23 – Get Over My Fear Of Planes
I hate planes, hate them. However you tend to have to go on them if you want to go on holiday. Not having had a holiday I’ve not managed to get over this one!

24 – Learn To Be Organised
I am the most unorganised person, and I still am. Oops

25 – Learn To Sleep
You’d think this wouldn’t be a goal for someone turning 25, but I’m the worst sleeper ever. And sadly I still am. My doctor is even in the process of referring to me to a specialist, because you’d think I’d get how to sleep by now!

So that’s how I’ve got on with my 25 before 25 challenge, lets see how many of these I can finish before I actually turn 25!


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