Every Sunday when I sit down to write this post I’m surprised at how quickly the past week has gone, and of course this week has been the same, where is the time going?! It’s already February, and we’re 6 weeks into the year, I swear it was only Christmas the other day! Once again it’s been a busy week, with the day’s flying past and before I knew it, it’s Sunday again. 

My week started out well with another small loss at Slimming World, which although it was only half a pound, it’s still good to see a loss. It’s taken me a while to get my head around the plan, and having joined just before the festive season, I didn’t have much luck with it to start with. But now I’m starting to get the hang of it, so hopefully I’ll see some good losses soon. The rest of the week wasn’t overly exciting, a very busy week at work with a few gym sessions thrown in, and lots of early nights as I’ve been shattered this week. 

On Thursday I met up with my old work friends to play a few games of bingo as we used to do when I worked there 2 years ago. It was good to catch up with everyone, and hear all about what’s been going on with everyone, and hearing all about my friends plans for her wedding this year. Then on Friday I took the day off work to spend the day with my mumma. We had a great day out shopping, eating lunch, and drinking lots of coffee and having a natter. We also started putting together plans for her big 50th birthday this year, which is pretty exciting!

Then last night I headed into London with Chris and my friend Jen to go see one of our favourite films at the Prince Charles Cinema, The Room. The Room has bit of a cult following for being one of the worst made films ever, and the guy who directed it and stared in it is a little bit mental. He was there for a Q&A to begin with, and Chris even got to meet him as he was wearing his tuxedo. If you’ve ever been to the PCC before you’ll know what a laugh it can be, and of course we spent the whole way through the film shouting out and crying with laughter, another great evening spent there!

So that’s been my week, how’s yours been?

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