NOTD Ciate Bon Bon

It’s probably been forever since I’ve posted a NOTD post. In fact since May I’ve hardly worn nail varnish. I had the worlds most boring summer, where I spent the whole time at work, where I can’t wear nail varnish. The first few weeks of not being able to wear nail varnish was horrible. I hated looking at my bare nails, and tried to hide them as much as possible. Then I started to like my plain nails, and the idea of wearing nail varnish seemed strange. Now I’m back at uni and not working as much, I’m able to wear nail varnish again. One colour I was eager to paint my nails with was Ciate’s Bon Bon.

I believe I got this free with the August Marie Claire magazine. I remember at the time the colour stood out to me more than the others. It’s a gorgeous murky lilacy grey colour, it’s unlike anything I have in my collection. I’m not one for very bright colours when it comes to nail polish, I tend to go for darker and neutrally shades, so this was certainly up my street. Ciate polishes apply to nails really easily, dry fairly quickly and I find last on the nails without chipping for ages. Ciate polishes are possibly one of my favourite brands, their colour range is amazing, they last for ages, and the bottles come with cute bows on. What isn’t there to love?

Have you tried Ciate polishes?

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