The Sunday Post #28 – Beauty Samples

For years it seems like I’ve been collecting, or more like hoarding, beauty samples. Samples of products I’m considering buying, samples from magazines, samples from orders, samples from pretty much anywhere! I just seem to collect them. For year’s I’ve had a box in my room which I call my sample box, everytime I get a new one, I add it to my stash. Problem is although I’m good at adding to the stash, I’m not very good at actually using the samples, I just seem to forget all about them.

So this weekend I decided to have a good sit down, and take a look through my sample box to see what samples of products I actually have. Before I took a look I thought the majority of the samples would probably be rubbish, or that I wouldn’t use them, but after taking a good look I found that I actually had some pretty decent products. I discovered all sorts of goodies, such as products from Origins, Garnier and Dermalogica*, all of which have been completely neglected and forgotten about. 

Now that I’ve rediscovered some of these forgotten about samples, it’s time to start actually using them! So this weekend is all about having a good pamper with my beauty samples. I’ve found samples of shampoo and hair masks to give my hair a bit of life, which I applied once I had a bath with a sample of bubble bath I found. Once I’d finished my long soak, I applied a sample of a facemask, and used a body lotion. I’ve even got samples of serums, eye creams, and moisturisers to use tomorrow morning, along with a gorgeous smelling perfume sample to wear for the rest of the week. Now that I’ve made a small dent in my samples stash, it’s time to use up the rest of them!

<*PR Sample

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