Clinique Chubby Sticks


Clinique-Chubby-Stick-Cheek-Colour-Balm-Number-01,-Amp'D-Up-AppleClinique is a brand I’ve grown up and loved. My mum first bought me some of their skincare items when I was going through my bad teenage skin times, and since then I’ve always felt very loyal to the brand. Despite this I’ve never really used much of their makeup products, only trying out a few products here and there. Their Even Better Foundation was probably the first item that impressed me enough to want to try out more of their products. I’ve been eyeing up their Chubby Sticks for a while now, especially as I love how easy crayon type lipsticks are to apply, but for some reason or another I’ve never got around to buying any. Then my lovely friend Sophia, knowing how much I love Clinique, bought me a set as a late Christmas present, and now I have some pretty Chubby Sticks to play around with.

I’ve mentioned already that my favourite thing about Clinique’s Chubby sticks is how easy they are to apply. I’m terrible at applying lipstick, so it’s great when they’re in an easy crayon form. Not only are they great for application, but they’re also amazing at staying put. I am the worst for remembering I’ve put lipstick on, and I also drink about 70 cups of tea a day, so it’s easy for my lipstick to wear off. But with these I find they stain your lips, perfect if you’re like me and want your lip colour to last all day. Normally when I think of something that would last all day, I’d think it could be quite drying on the lips. But these also feel super moisturising, and glide on easy for application.

Clinique-Chubby-Stick-Intense-Moisturizing-Lip-Balm---06---RoomiestThere’s a great range of colour choices with the Chubby Sticks too, with 18 to choose from. In my set I got four mini ones, which cover all the colours I would have probably picked myself. The colours that can be seen in the photo from left to right are Grandest Grape, Pudgy Peony, Plushest Punch, and Woppin’ Watermelon. Out of all of them I think my favourite would be Grandest Grape as I’m really into deep reds at the moment, but I’ve found I’ve been wearing all four on almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I find that it can be a little disappointing with similar products how it looks like the colour will be strong, but once applied it’s nothing how you expected. But with these Chubby Sticks I’ve found that all of the colours come out very true to form, and look exactly how you’d expect. Now I’ve been using these for a little while I really don’t know why it took me so long to get any, and their now my favourite lip products by far.

Do you have any Chubby Sticks? What are your favourite shades?

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