100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #5

So I’m now 35 days into my 100 day spending ban challenge, how am I getting on? To be honest not brilliant. As you might have read from other weeks I’ve failed a few times, and I’ve not really got any savings together. Although I’ve had another good week when it comes to not spending money, I don’t feel like I’m doing very successfully with saving money. Recently I’ve just started a new job, which is great when it comes to having money as I’ll finally be able to making some savings now I’m earning a reliable wage. But I’m currently spending money I don’t have, and borrowing money off my parents so that I can get to work. Because of this I’m feeling a bit guilty when it comes to money and my lack of savings.

Apart from this I’m starting to change my attitude when it comes to buying beauty products. Apart from the one slip up on my spending ban challenge, I’ve not bought any beauty products so far. I’m finding that when I’m running out of products I’m looking through my beauty stash to see if I have another before I think about buying one, and it turns out I almost always have another product available. I think I’m finally starting to cure my beauty product addiction at least.

Although I’m feeling a bit deflated with my spending ban so far I am glad I’m not buying any products at the moment. Hopefully once I get paid I’ll start to feel a bit better about contributing towards my savings.

See how I got on with other weeks –

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