Lush Haul Video

If your a follower of my blog, you’ll have realised by now, I’ve become a recent Lush addict. I just can’t go in there at the moment without buying things! So of course on a recent trip to Lush, I didn’t come out empted handed. I went a bit bath bomb/bubble bar crazy, so I thought I’d record a video to show you guys what I bought. It’s been FOREVER since I made a YouTube video so I thought I’d try and get back into it!

I’ve got those annoying black bits down the side of the video because I can’t for the life of me remember how to get rid of them, so please let me know how to! Also I recorded this on my iPad so the quality isn’t amazing, but I don’t have a video camera at the moment. Hope you enjoy the video, I might try and get back into the swing of YouTube and post up some more videos!

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