Lush Retread Conditioner

Lush is a shop I’m becoming somewhat obsessed with. I’ve become an addict, I just want everything. In my recent Lush haul I mentioned I’d picked up a few hair products, one I was really excited to try out, Retread conditioner. Before I’d picked up these hair products, I’d only ever used Lush for the bath things and face masks, so I was pretty intrigued with this. I was desperate to try out Retread as I’ve heard it been raved about on YouTube. I really had high hopes for this conditioner.
“Drive your hair in for some serious breakdown recovery. This is a pit stop for your hair.
Just like tyres, the outer layer of your hair shaft gets worn and damaged. Retread is full of ingredients to fuel you hair up again and get it back out on the road. We make a seaweed and lanolin base then add soya milk for protein. Added to that are olive, jojoba and avocado oils to give a deep condition. Nutritious fresh melon juice and yoghurt are then stirred through. ” – 
I was so excited about using this conditioner I nearly ran home and jumped straight in the shower. So when I first used my new conditioner I was really disappointed to find it did horrible things to my hair. I normally have quite dry hair, but when I use conditioner it leaves it soft and sleek. This just made my hair feel manky, really manky. It made it feel super dry, greasy and like there was some horrible build up in my hair. I thought maybe it was just a once off, or that I’d used too much product, so I used it a couple more times. But no, still the same thing happened, I couldn’t think what I was doing wrong. Then recently I was talking to a friend and she was saying a couple of the Lush shampoos had done the same thing to her. So I’m starting to think maybe there’s something in this that’s reacted with my hair? I’m just annoyed I spent £9.95 on a conditioner that makes my hair feel awful! Especially when I can spend £3.50 on one that makes my hair feel amazing.

So what I want to know is have any of you tried this before? Has this or any other Lush product done this to your hair? This hasn’t ruined my view of Lush, I still love it, I just think I’ll stay clear of the hair products from now on.

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