Origins No Puffery Roll On

Lately you might have seen on my blog that I’ve had bit of an Origins Haul, and one of the products I decided to treat myself to was the No Puffery Cooling Roll On for puffy eyes. Since I’ve started working full time and staring at a PC screen for 8 hours a day, I’ve found it can take it’s toll on my eyes, making them feel tired, sore and puffy. Nothing I seemed to do would help to soothe them, and then a friend recommenced Origins No Puffery.

I’d heard some good things about No Puffery, and if you look on the Origins website it’s full of great feedback for this little roll on tube. I’ve never really tried many eye care products, or anything roll on for my eyes, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this. But of course being a complete self confessed Origins addict, I had to try it, and of course I had high hopes for it. No Puffery is described as a cooling roll on treatment containing yeast extract, which helps to instantly de-puff the eye area and brighten the look of dark circles. And the hoelen mushroom extract helps to calm the skin and keep the look of visible redness from settling in. I find it incredibly soothing to roll on after a long day at work, and it even helps to wake me up if I apply it first thing in the morning. One way to make it feel even more cooling and soothing is to keep it in the fridge, it then feels amazing when I apply it when I get in from work! When it comes to helping brighten the look of dark circles I’ve not noticed anything myself, but I do find it helps to calm my eye area down and reduce redness at the end of the day.

Once again Origins has wowed me with another product that I’ve decided I have to keep in my life. It’s fantastic to wake you up if you’re feeling a bit tired, and can even be applied thickly as an eye mask. It’s also quite small, so it’s easy to carry around in your handbag if you need a pick me up for your eyes during the day. Only problem is that it retails for £24, making it quite a pricey purchase for what it is, but I am finding it to work wonders. I’m going to keep a look out for a more purse friendly alternative, but in the mean time I’m completely addicted to Origins No Puffery.

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