The Sunday Post #2 – Trying To Use Up Samples

Once upon a time I became obsessed with beauty samples. I remember when I was around 15 I discovered you could order perfume samples on the Internet. I then spent months ordering sample after sample after sample. 6 years later I’m still obsessed with samples. If I see a freebie in a magazine, I’m there, an offer for a sample at a beauty counter, I’m there. You get the picture.

In recent months I’ve started collecting samples. I signed up to She Said Beauty a few months back, and since then I’ve had a collection of samples I’ve not got around to using, as well as picking up other samples along the way. The only problem with samples is I seem to collect them and never use them, they just sit there in my ‘samples box’, which is really just an old SSB box, unused. Its interesting to see how many different samples I’ve collected through months of beauty box subscriptions and magazine freebies. I’m determined to use them up, especially as I’m trying to save money this year. My aim is to try and use up all my samples and not spend any money on new products. Especially now She Said Beauty isn’t doing the beauty boxes any more, I should hopefully get through some of these samples without them building up.

The sample addict in me was quite gutted when I found out She Said Beauty was no longer doing the beauty boxes. Although I wasn’t always happy with the contents of my box, I loved that every month I’d get a few new samples to play with. I considered signing up to another monthly box service, but honestly looking at how many samples I already own, I probably have enough that would have filled 3 monthly boxes. I’ve collected some interesting things in my ‘samples box’; face masks, face creams, shampoo, perfumes and even some coloured contacts! I find that sometimes having a collection of samples can help you out with bloging as well. If you’ve run out of products to review, or you’re a bit short on money, review some of the samples you find in magazines. So its time to get cracking on my sample collection, and what better day than a Sunday to open up my box of samples and give myself a pamper.

Is anyone else like me and holds on to loads of samples?

What are your favourite types of samples to get?

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