100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #6

So I’m now onto week six of my 100 day spending ban, and I’m now approaching the half way mark. As I mentioned last week I’m feeling a bit deflated with it all. Despite doing fairly well during my spending ban with not buying any beauty products, and getting myself a job, I’ve still not managed to save anything. There is a slight upside though that next week will be my first proper pay day from my new job, meaning that I can put away some of my wages and finally get my savings account started!

Apart from having another week of not saving any money I was fairly sensible this week in working out how much money I needed to save every month. Now that I’m a ‘grown up’ and have a proper job I’m starting to pay all things related to my car – insurance, tax, MOT’s etc. Previously I’ve had help thanks to my parents and my savings account, but now that’s got quite low. So (with help from my mumma) I worked out my yearly spend on my car and what I need to put away each month to save for it so it’s not a huge chunk of my payslip gone!

So although I’m not getting anywhere with my savings I feel like I’m getting somewhere with my thoughts and attitude towards money. Bring on pay day next week so I can make some real savings!

See how I’ve got on in other weeks –

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