Seventeen CC Cream Review

I never really caught on to the BB Cream hype as I never found one that did wonders for me, but I did get on with The Body Shops Vitamin E version. Never really being amazed by BB Creams I wasn’t too fussed when mine ran out and I never repurchased. But then the CC Cream hype came about and I was interested to see what the fuss was about. Because I didn’t get on well with BB Creams I thought maybe it was worth giving CC Creams a try as maybe they’d work better for me. I then was in Boots and decided to pick up Seventeen’s version, as Seventeen is a high street brand that usually impresses me, that and it was on offer.

I noticed that the Seventeen CC Cream only comes in two shades, fair and medium, which is fine if you’re a light skinned girl like me, but not so brilliant for other skin tones. I bought the shade fair, but it’s still a little darker than what I would usually go for foundation wise, so they could do with bringing out more shades. Regardless of this I’m pretty impressed with the results. I often have red patches on my face with is the sole reason I will never go make up free, and once I’ve applied this it really helps to even out my skin tone and imperfections. I was also impressed that this seemed to give out a good coverage too and covered any blemishes that I had.

So far I’m impressed with CC Creams and I’m glad I decided to give it ago. I’m now looking at trying a few other brands of CC Creams and I’ve heard good things about the Clinique one so might look into that. What do you think of CC Creams? Do you have any other brand’s you’d recommend?

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