Benefit They’re Real Mascara

A brand that constantly wins over my heart is Benefit. I just adore their products, packaging and quirky names. Most of their products work for me and don’t disappoint. One that I wanted to try for a long time is the They’re Real mascara, but at £19.50 I find it hard to justify the price tag for a mascara when I can buy several high street alternatives for that price. So I was pretty excited when I received it in my #JulyLondonMeetUp goody bag.
I’d heard good things about They’re Real, which is meant to give the impression that you’re wearing false eyelashes and have super long thick lashes – which is always something I want in a mascara. On first impressions I really love the packaging, it’s a strange shaped tube which makes it stand out compared to my other mascaras. The wand it’s self is a strange spikey looking thing  (which hurts when you poke your eye with it) which is good for separating the lashes ensuring that mascara is applied to every single one of them. Although when it came to giving me that ‘false lash effect’ I don’t think it’s anything special. Don’t get me wrong I like this mascara and it makes my lashes long, but it’s not any different from a £7 mascara from Boots. 
BENEFIT COSMETICS they're real! lengthening beyond mascara
In a way I’m glad that I received this in a goody bag rather than spending money on it because I’m not overly impressed. I do like this mascara and I will continue to use it, but once it’s finished I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. I certainly don’t think it’s worth the £19.50 price tag, and so if you’re thinking of buying They’re Real I’d suggest looking elsewhere. I’m still fond of Benefit and think the majority of their products are amazing, but sadly this wasn’t meant to be. 
Have you tried They’re Real? Do you get on better with it than I did?

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