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I recently ordered some jewelry off Jess’s blog shop and I was very excited when I got home late last night from my trip up to Newcastle to see this parcel waiting for me! When I opened it up I was so happy to see my items wrapped up in this gorgeous paper.
Jess also wrote me this letter after she saw on Twitter that I liked handwritten letters – I was so touched that she’d remembered this. And I thought it made my order that little more personal than just ordering off any other website. She also included a joke we’d had on Twitter the other week so it made me chuckle a little.
I’ve had my eye on a lot of her jewelry since I’ve been following her blog, and I decided to treat myself to a couple of rings as Jess told me hers were extendable, and I always struggle to find rings for my fat fingers (and also a sneaky pair of earnings – hence the blog title rings & things!). If I had the money I’d probably be ordering everything off her shop, she has some truly gorgeous stuff! However I don’t have a lot of money so I limited myself to the £10 mark. I just love her stuff so much I thought I’d share with you what I got.



 Everything I got all together


Sweet Heart Ring – Kiss Me


Vintage Button Ring

 Black Cameo Ring


Black Cameo Earrings – I couldn’t resist after I decided to get the ring, I had to have a matching set!


And I was lucky that when I placed my order Jess was giving away a free item if you ordered over £10 and I was pretty excited when I saw I got this.
Scrabble Ring


I’m absolutely in love with all of Jess’s jewelry here. I’m so glad I bought these rings, especially as their extendable – finally I can wear fashionable vintage rings for my fat fingers! If you haven’t already go take a look at Jess’s blog shop. She really does have some gorgeous stuff! 

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