Things I Learnt In 2014

It’s crazy to think today is the first day of 2015, Happy new year! 2014 was a strange year, and I learnt a few things a long the way. So for my first blog post of 2015 I thought it seemed appropriate to talk about what I learnt in 2014.

I really don’t need to pluck my eyebrows
Bit of a strange one, but I’ve always thought I had to pluck my eyebrows into a shape, but after leaving them to do their own thing for a while, I realised that actually they have quite a nice natural shape so I’ve decided to leave them at that.

I can be strong when I need to be
I’ve never thought of myself as a strong person, but having a load of rubbish stuff happen in 2014 I realised that actually I can be strong, and I can also be really positive!

I don’t need to wear makeup everyday
I’m a terrible person to my skin and I often cover it in makeup when I’m not even going anywhere, thus making my skin worse. I’ve started not wearing as much makeup and I’m really seeing a difference in my skin. Need to carry this on this year!

I’m good at my job
I struggled a bit at the beginning of 2014 while I was still looking for a job, and then when I got my first job I thought it was me being rubbish, but I realised actually the job wasn’t for me, and once I found a new job I realised I’m actually really good at what I do. It’s nice to have job satisfaction, and to find where I fit in!

I have far too many lipsticks for one person
Yupp I’ve gone a bit mad with lipsticks in 2014, and counting them I found I have about 50 odd, which is ridiculous considering how little I wear them! I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to wear them this year, or try to downsize my collection.

I want to settle down
I really want 2015 to be the year I move out and start to settle down and move on with my life. 2014 saw one of my friends have a baby, another get engaged, and another buy a house while I’m still living at home. I’ve mentioned it a few times but I’ve decided this year I’m going to do my absolute best at saving money so this can happen!

It’s never too late to get in contact with old friends
I lost contact with a few old friends a few years ago when our lives went different ways, and 2014 is a year where I met up with a few old friends and it was lovely. It was no different from the old days and it was really good to catch up, I must make sure I do this more this year!

Have you learnt anything from 2014?

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