Finally, I Got Naked – Urban Decay Naked Palette

That’s right I finally got naked, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette (hey what were you thinking you dirty minded readers!). After months and months of lusting after this products I finally gave in and bought this bad boy. I know the Naked 2 palette is meant to be coming out soon, but I thought I should really try out the original Naked Palette to see what all the fuss is about.

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I was so excited to buy this as I headed up to the Urban Decay counter in Debhanams, especially as I’ve never been up to one of those beauty counters before. I was so happy once I bought it that I sat playing with it and swatching it while me and the boyfriend went off to get some food. I decided to buy the Naked Palette with my Christmas money from my grandparents, but had a little debate about whether or not to buy the first one or wait until the Naked 2 palette comes out. I decided on the original as I’ve heard so much about it I thought I’d be missing out if I went straight to the second one. I’m still not sure whether or not I’ll end up buying the second one, I think I’m going to wait and see if I get on with this one first!

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First of all I love the packaging. The velvet case makes it look very fancy and professional, and stands out in my makeup collection along side my other palettes. I also love how this comes with an Urban Decay Shadow brush in the box – perfect to take your palette away if you’re traveling.  I’m definitely an addict to neutral eyeshadows, (MUA’s Heaven and Earth is one of my current favourites) so this palette just calls out to me. And just look at these 12 gorgeous neutral shades!

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I think that the Naked Palette has the perfect mix of eyeshadows, with a combination of shimmer, frost, matte, and satin shades. I find all of the shades to be wearable, from  soft subtle Virgin to bold Gunmetal, in a range of creams, nudes, golden and grey colours. I think my favourite colours in the palette are Virgin, Naked, Sin, Sidecar, Toasted and Hustle. The palette is made up of so many colours so its possible to make a variety of looks with this palette – I know what I’ll spend the rest of my week doing! The colours have been designed to work well on their own or blending into other colours, I know I’ll be trying to expand my eyeshadow blending skills with this palette. All of the colours seem to be lovely and pigmented and blend like a dream, but I’ve only had a little play around with them so far. I’m really excited to play around with this palette, and I plan on doing a couple of youtube videos on different looks for this palette. When it comes to the cost, its £35 for the Naked Palette, which yes seems a lot, but when you think about it you’re getting 12 eyeshadows which would normally cost you £13 each, along with a shadow brush and the primer potion, you’re definitely getting your moneys worth!Rating – I’d give this a 9/10 as there’s such a beautiful mix of eyeshadow shades, which all seem to be super pigmented and blend in amazingly together. I can definitely see why this palette is raved about so much, it’s a definitely must have palette if your a neutral eyeshadow lover like me!

URBAN DECAY Naked - Eyeshadow Palette

Note – The Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 comes out on January 9th exclusive to Debhanams, and will be available everywhere else February 9th for the price of £36. Again with a range of 12 eyeshadows, a double ended brush and a mini lip junkie lip gloss – although it does seem strange to me to include a lipgloss with an eyeshadow palette?!?

Will you be buying this or wait for the Naked 2 Palette?

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