50 Followers, A Big Thankyou, & Things I Want Right Now

First of all a big big big big thankyou to all of my followers, as I have now hit the big 5-0! 50 followers! I’m completely over the moon about this as when I started this blog back in April I never thought I’d get any followers, or keep up with blogging to even get this far. So it means a great deal to me to now have over 50 followers!

I’ve had great chats with loads of you over Twitter & Blogger and I think I’ve made some great friends through my little blog. So thankyou very much! 🙂
Moving on, I thought I’d share with you all a couple of things I want right now, but just don’t have the funds for…


1. Benefit Moon Beam

Recently I bought several sample sizes of Benefit off Ebay which you can see on my post. One of the samples I fell head over heels for was Moon Beam. I absolutely love this! It gives me such a glowing look, which you can wear alone, or use with your make-up. Sadly I only have a 2.5ml sample, which beleive me doesn’t last long. I’d really love to get my hands on a full sized version of this but I really can’t afford to fork out £18.50 on it. I’ve had another look on Ebay (turning into an Ebay addict atm) and I can buy the product for slightly cheaper off there. I’ve been thinking it over in my head for a couple of days now and I’m not sure if I should risk buying it off Ebay or just give in and spend the £18.50.


MAC Glaze Lipstick - Hue by M.A.C
I really really really want to get my hands on a MAC lipstick, specificaly ‘Hue’. I’ve seen this on a few blogs recently and it sounds like my kinda lipstick shade. I’m fairly new to the whole lipstick scene, I’ve only recently started wearing it from time to time (I’m more of a lipgloss girl), but this is one I definitly want. As I’ve read on other blogs its the perfect kind of nude/pale pink colour, so its not too bold or overpowering for someone who isn’t used to lipstick. Sadly again its the price tag that puts me off. At £13.50 it doesn’t seem too bad for a MAC product, but compaired to MUA lipsticks which I can pick up for £1 it seems like bit of a price jump. I’m still a MAC virgin and I’m hoping that once I start working a get a bit of money together I can make my first MAC purchase.
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3. A Statement Ring


Something else I really want right now is a statement ring. I always see this beauties in Primark, Topshop etc, but sadly their never made big enough to fit me. I was cursed with my dad’s fat sausage like fingers when I was born, which means these rings don’t fit me. I’ve been on the hunt for extendable ones for months now, and sadly it isn’t meant to be. If only there was some way of putting your fingers on a diet…
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Once again a massive thankyou to all my followers!
Hope your all having a good day! 

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