100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week 3


I’m now three whole weeks into my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge, which is a lot longer than I thought I would actually get to. Last week I blogged about how I broke my ban and found myself buying a few things. This week I managed to stick to plan, but I did have a more expensive week than usual. On Friday it was my partners birthday, which involved me driving up to Leicester to spend the weekend with him, and I took him out for birthday breakfast, and we went for dinner with some friends. So although I didn’t buy anything this week I did spend more money than I thought I would.

I also didn’t manage to save up any money this week for reasons I said earlier. However I do have a bit of good news this week when it comes to money, I finally got myself a job! Which means when it comes to creating some savings things will get a little easier now I’ll have an actual salary! So although this wasn’t a great week again, there is some good news. Hopefully over the next week I’ll start saving some money again.

See how I’ve got on with previous weeks –

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