Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo

I think that dry shampoo is a complete life savior, who ever invited it should be awarded in my opinion. The idea that you can be lazy and not wash your hair and put a couple of sprays of product in and your hair feels clean, genius concept. A favourite dry shampoo of mine is Batiste, a tend to vary with what scents I go for, but I’ve never used another brand. So when I was contacted to try out the Philip Kingsley One More Day dry shampoo I was excited to try out another option.

I’ve never used anything from Philip Kingsley before, but I’ve heard great things about them, so I was looking forward to testing the One More Day dry shampoo. I’ve been used to how Batiste leaves my hair feeling chalky with a bit of product build up going on, so I thought that’s just how dry shampoo worked. But I found this Philip Kingsley one to be a very lightweight spray that refreshes your hair between washes. It made my hair feel exceptionally clean, like I had just washed it. I found the smell to be quite nice as well, it had a clean scent about it, which really helps to think that you’ve just washed your hair.  What I also like about this is that you don’t get any of the dreaded grey hair streaks or product build up after use like you do with other dry shampoos like Batiste.

My only problem with this dry shampoo is the price. I often go through bottles of dry shampoo quickly, and a bottle of this can set you back £13.50, which I find very over priced for a dry shampoo. I do prefer it to other dry shampoos so I think in future I’ll be saving this as a ‘special occasion’ dry shampoo, and stick to my Batiste for everyday use.

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