Obsessed with Body Butters

Since I was around 13/14 I’ve been a big fan of The Body Shop products. I spent most of my time in their looking at and sniffing products, some of the scented things in there smell amazing! I’ve tried the majority of Body Shop products, and I love their Vitamin E range, and shower gels. But one product I’ve consistently had stocked up on my beauty stash is the Body Butters, I just can’t get enough of them.

I’ve tried several moisturisers in the past but I always find I come back to The Body Shop Body Butters as they’re the best moisturiser I’ve found for my dry sensitive skin. If I ever have any dry flaky patches I find applying this a couple of times helps to smooth out my skin and even helps clear up my eczema at times. I also prefer these to normal moisturisers as they feel thicker and more luxurious on my skin. Not only do I find they help my dry skin, but the scent also seems to stick around all day without being too over powering, which I love.

I usually have a stock of four of them at one time so I can mix up which scents I use so I don’t get bored. At the moment I have a Papaya, Love Etc, Dreams Unlimited and Gingerbread left from when I stocked up at Christmas time. I think out of all of the scents I’ve tried over the years, the more fruity ones are my favourite, particularly the Strawberry and Grapefruit ones – they just smell gorgeous! I’ve already been eyeing up trying the new Raspberry one, but I’ve told myself I need to use up these four before I buy any more. Whether I stick to that rule is a completely different story…

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